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Dirty donations are battering our democracy. Your gift can help rescue it.

They say money talks. And when it does, politicians listen. Which is why it matters that big money from coal, tobacco, alcohol and developer is pumped into other parties’ election campaigns.

In contrast, our campaigns are fuelled by your contributions, and our loyalty is to the community.

Every dollar helps us run a more powerful campaign, claiming parliament for the community, not the powerful.

The first $1,500 of membership fees and/or donations to a political party from individuals in a financial year are tax deductible.

Cumulative donations of $1,000 or more in a financial year will be publicly disclosed.

Donations may also be made to Kathleen’s campaign by credit card by phoning during office hours on (03) 9912 2992.

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Who's donating: from North Fitzroy, Australia donated. Thank you!