Keep the Gasworks in Public Hands

The Gasworks is 4 hectares of public land in the heart of North Fitzroy. The State Labor government is proposing to sell the site to public developers for apartment towers of up to 14 storeys. It’s not too late to stop this from happening. Will you add your voice and demand that we keep the Gasworks site in public hands?

Why should we keep the Gasworks site in public hands?

The inner city is crying out for quality, affordable housing that showcases the best in green and sustainable design. 

The State Labor government is proposing to sell off the Gasworks site to the highest bidder, with no minimum requirements for quality or affordability. 

We can’t trust Labor to manage our public assets and develop public land for the benefit of the community. In May, we saw them sell off significant amounts of one of our most important public assets – land for public housing – at 5% of market value. We cannot allow this to happen to our remaining public assets like the Gasworks site.

Instead of letting developers make millions from yet another public asset, we can keep the Gasworks site in public hands and use it to showcase the best in urban development. We can use the Gasworks site to provide affordable homes, open spaces and services for our community.

Council and the community have fought hard to force the government to include some public benefits in the site plan including a sporting facility and a school, but we can and should ask for more. 

This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to shape the future of our suburb. Will you join the community in calling for a better deal for the Gasworks? 

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